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 Obama invited the parties to discuss the U.S

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PostSubject: Obama invited the parties to discuss the U.S   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:58 pm

WASHINGTON, Nov. moncler 30 (Xinhua Wang Fengfeng Du Jing) Barack Obama 30 Democratic and Republican congressional leaders invited to the White House meeting, the rest of this Parliament session to discuss the organization of work. Meeting in tax cuts, the government budget and achieved certain results.moncler jackets

This meeting is mid-term elections on November 2 after the Republican victory in the first high-level talks between the two parties. Democrats who attended the meeting included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid. House Republican Leader John Boehner sent side, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell meeting. prada shoes

Obama said after the meeting, even though Democrats and Republicans differ in many ways, but they are willing to sit down and talk, it means they have a willingness to cooperate.prada sunglasses He said the meeting before the start of the new session of Congress the organization of work have made some consensus.

Obama coach coupons outlet said the two parties that should be immediately whether the administration of former President Bush's tax cuts extended discussion.

The tax cuts will expire at the end of this year, Republicans hope to extend this policy, but Democrats are unwilling to continue tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. discount coach bags Obama said he has arranged for Treasury secretary and White House Office of Management and Budget Director James Blue in conjunction with representatives of the two parties, the matter as soon as possible to find a solution.

Obama moncler said the two parties on the conference leaders also signed with Russia, "Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty," alternative approved by the consultations on the treaty. Obama called the Senate to ratify the treaty. In addition, the two sides of the fiscal year launched a consultation on government budget issues, also discussed issues such as unemployment insurance.

On November 2 in the mid-term elections, moncler jackets Republicans won the House majority, but failed to win control of the Senate. Before the new Congress took office, the current Congress, bills still need to work around a lot. Trial of strength between the two parties in Congress to become the focus of media attention.
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Obama invited the parties to discuss the U.S
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